Gobble Gobble!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Well, despite my defeated voice in my previous blog post, many good things have happened recently, not the least being Thanksgiving!! 
In a time and a place where I often forget how lucky I am ...and who I have to be thankful for, this day was with my new Peace Corps family in body,  but with my American families (both East and West Coast alike) in spirit. 
A few quick "thanks":
 My parents, first and foremost, for supporting me the whole way in the crazy adventure I have called life for the last 24 years. 
 The endless care packages, cards, and letters from friends and family while being here.

And now, a photo Ode to Turkey Day!
The Band

Jessica dunking her fried turk

Playing the Uke!



Turkey pikins


Green Bean casserole

Mac n Cheese

Mashed potatoes


Corn Bread

more veggies

Cran sauce



Fried Turkey

After the meal (my friend Mika)


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